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Thursday, 03 January 2019 12:08

ceiA3 leads the first co-creation meeting of the Spanish Hub on Circular Bioeconomy

Attendees of the meeting Attendees of the meeting

Researchers from the universities part of the Agrifood Campus of International Excellence ceiA3, officials and representatives of the private sector participated in the first workshop of co-creation of the Spanish circular bioeconomy Hub. This event was promoted by ceiA3 within the framework of the H2020 BLOOM project, of which it forms an integral part.

During the meeting inaugurated by Enrique Quesada Moraga, vice-chancellor of Territorial Research and Development of the University of Cordoba and general coordinator of ceiA3, different strategies at European, national and regional level on circular bioeconomy were mentioned. Specifically, some features and the context of the Circular Bioeconomy Strategy in Andalusia—a pioneering region in its development and approval—were described.

From their professional experience, experts participating in the meeting had the opportunity to discuss issues related to the current situation of knowledge of the bioeconomy and its potential. They also talked about some aspects related to the communication strategy to be adopted in order to bring this area of knowledge closer to the society. That is to say, the establishment of the target audience in first place, the definition of the message to be transmitted, the dissemination activities to be organized, as well as the most appropriate and effective communication channels to use.

The Spanish Hub on Circular Bioeconomy—which leads the ceiA3 and focuses on Agriculture and Food with a fourfold approach based on academy, local authority, business and society—is made up of experts from the five universities of ceiA3, the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, as well as the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge, ADEGUA Rural Development Group, Grupo La Caña and the Spanish Association of Biotech companies ASEBIO.

This activity is contextualized within the framework of the BLOOM project (Boosting European Citizens' Knowledge and Awareness of Bioeconomy Research and Innovation), whose general objective is focused on the dissemination and creation of a collective awareness about the importance and involvement of the circular bioeconomy in the life of citizens and society in general.

Led by the scientific institute Zentrum für Soziale Innovation GmbH of Austria, as well as with partners from Spain, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Finland and Sweden, BLOOM has a total budget of €2,400,000 and is funded by the European Commission within the European Framework Program for Research and Innovation H2020 and within the Societal Challenge 2 – Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy in its call for 2017. The project has an expected duration of 36 months.


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